41st Economic Outlook Conference Offers Cautious Optimism

Posted: Friday, November 18th 2016 at 7:38 AM

November 10, 2016, two days after a Presidential election that aroused emotions throughout the U.S., the NAU-FCB Alliance Bank Business Outreach Center held its 41st annual Economic Outlook Conference at the High Country Conference Center in Flagstaff, Arizona. To a 500+ packed room of business members; political representatives; and (50) high school and college millennials, the panelists and keynote speaker offered cautious optimism. 

Dr. Ronald J. Gunderson, FCB professor of economics, saw Flagstaff and northern Arizona as a positive bubble of economic activity in the state. Dr. Dennis Foster, FCB senior lecturer of economics, saw trends in the next year to remain stable in the arenas of interest and inflation. Elliott D. Pollack, CEO of Elliott D. Pollack and Company, who had studied Trump's economic proposals in depth, suggested we hold on in our assessment, at least for the next several months. In fact, one marker of the panel discussion between them seemed to be the surprise that all three economists agreed on the overall forecast this year.

The event began with an introduction by Jim Lundy, founding CEO of Alliance Bank of Arizona. He was followed by NAU President Rita Cheng who proudly reviewed the economic impact Northern Arizona University has on the Flagstaff and northern Arizona region. Then moderator FCB Dean Craig Van Slyke, introduced the trio of professionals who have been pundits at this annual hallmark event for quite some time.

Wayne Fox, director of the Alliance Bank Business Outreach Center, then recognized the supporters of the event, both in the audience of attendees, and those that make the event happen. This led into his introduction of this year's keynote speaker, Morgan Housel, who Fox noted is the first "under 50" keynoter in the event's 41 years.

Housel's youth did not translate into an immature delivery or a lack of words of wisdom. Housel is a partner in The Collaborative Fund and a columnist on The Motley Fool. While he did not offer financial advice in specifics, he offered financial advice for the future by sharing four stories from other fields of study and relating them to what it takes in the financial arena to be successful. 

The event was covered in two stories by the Arizona Daily Sun:
NAU business professors bullish on Trump and Keynote speaker: Keep investing simple.

To follow is the playlist of all event presentations. They are worth a listen-to, if you are needing a ray of hope for the year ahead.

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