HRM Becomes MSI System Test Site

HRM has recently become a test site for a new program created by MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.). MSI is the largest lodging technology company for the hotel industry and has worked closely with NAU since 1988. This close collaboration is due to the efforts of HRM professor Galen Collins, who wanted to implement programs that helped his students transition from the classroom to various career roles in the hospitality industry. He especially likes the idea of this strong partnership between industry and education that is so vital for learning.

NAU has installed many of MSI’s products throughout the HRM building in previous years, including a Windows-based program used by Hyatt Hotels. But this January, MSI introduced its new “cloud-computing” to campus. This cloud-computing system is different from prior products because all necessary information is stored on a remote, off-site server and students need only a web browser and a login to access all the information. This cloud-based system is much easier and more efficient because it doesn’t come with many of the technological issues that were common in the past.

As of January 2012, various HRM courses had already started using the cloud-computing system, including HA 270: Hospitality Information Technology II. Students who use it are required to send feedback about the system to MSI. Everything from how it runs to how it looks will be evaluated, all thanks to the HRM students at NAU.