Making It Real: Business Guests

Sharing stories brings the real world to our students. That is what our guest speakers do. We thank them for making it real for our students, which makes a difference.

FALL 2011 Speakers’ Week Presenters*

Dale Butcher (‘77 ACC); Mike Hawksworth, president, MSS Technologies; Peter McClean (’67 History); Lisa Autino (’86 ACC), CFO, Corbins Electric;
Al Sack (’70 History).

Spring 2012 Speakers’ Week Presenters*

Renee Hornbaker (NAU parent), CFO, Stream Energy; Robert Jordan (’90 FIN), CEO, KMS Software Company, LLC; J. Duross O’Bryan (’78 ACC), AlixPartners; Jim Umland, president, Johnson Precision; Brad Stewart, Sr. (’87 SBS), partner & co-owner, Rockfarm Logistics; Owen Roberts (NAU parent), general manager Americas Operations, Microsoft; Darren Tallman (’97 FIN), VP Finance, Vermeer; Mark Layton (’81 CIS), chairman & CEO, PSFweb, Inc.; Vic Helmig (’65 SBS/’69 MA); Bob Loechel, Business Development executive, IBM; Kelly Knutson (’81 ACC), group executive, TSYS Europe.

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* Partial lists