Our Leed Gold Certification


» A well sealed building’s air quality degrades throughout the day. Rather than running ventilation systems to replenish air, this building can use natural ventilation to allow fresh outside air to replenish the building.
» Concrete acts as an excellent thermal mass, retaining temperature which can later be released. All floors in this building are concrete and are chilled with cool summer night air, which continues to cool the building throughout the day.
» Natural lighting reduces costs and has been shown to increase effectiveness of learning. Over 75% of working areas within this building receive natural lighting.
» All offices are outfitted with motion detection automatic lighting, saving energy when rooms are not in use.
» Main hallways have computer controlled lighting, automatically managing lighting levels for time of day for energy efficiency.


» All floors are built using 18” raised flooring, with plumbing, ventilation, electric, data, and water contained in the subfloor.
» Concrete pillars provide load bearing structure, and walls are not load bearing.
» Using non-load bearing walls and infrastructure concealed in the subfloor, the building can be quickly and easily remodeled to support changing needs in education, and should extend the useful lifespan of the building.


» During construction, 86% of construction waste was diverted from landfill to reclamation facilities.
» Materials used in construction are 26% recycled content (by cost)
» 44% of materials by cost used in construction are manufactured within 500 miles of the building site.
» 21% of materials content by cost was created from raw materials gathered within 500 miles of the building site.


» By using City of Flagstaff provided reclaimed water, potable water consumption was cut 93%. Potable water is only used in drinking fountains and sinks.
» Xeriscape landscaping is designed specifically to cope with dry conditions and for water conservation, and is used to landscape the exterior of the building.


» The W. A. Franke College of Business is a national leader in thin client computing technology and about 40% of computing in the building is thin client.