Theresa Stacy-Ryan

Graphic Design Supervisor

Theresa Stacy-Ryan

(928) 523-7039

Office Number: 214

What I do for The W. A. Franke College of Business

Graphic Design and beyond, both in hard copy formats and in electronic form. Antoinette Schere-Reutimann and I strive to tell the FCB story by capturing the spirit of the FCB Business Division and HRM in photography, in video, and in the web site.

We work hard to create collateral materials that reflect the FCB's professionalism and communicate the amazing happenings here at Northern Arizona University's The W. A. Franke College of Business.

We do not have to create news. It is happening here, each and every day. Our task is to find a way to capture it and share it with those we serve, our alumni, friends, and students. We can't keep up with it, but I truly enjoy trying!

On any given day...

Any day can be filled with:

  • Developing collateral, such as brochures, postcards, invitations;
  • Developing content, including photos and video, for the web site;
  • Helping students communicate news about student organizations;
  • Capturing special events, such as the visit to Mr. Warren Buffett or one of the corporate trips the hospitality students take;
  • Documenting guest presentations, just as a way to say Thank You;
  • Capturing news and posting it on our blog(s); and
  • Formatting academic papers for faculty.

And EVERY day is different!