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Dean Craig Van SLykeWelcome!

I vividly remember the exact moment I knew I wanted to be Dean of The W. A. Franke College of Business. Somewhere in the middle of my campus interview visit, I met with about a dozen FCB students. During our visit I asked the students why they chose NAU and FCB. The students grew animated and started excitedly telling me why they love FCB. One young lady grew so excited she began bouncing up and down in her chair–literally. At that moment, I knew. I wanted to be FCB’s next Dean. An environment students love so much is the place for me!

Whether through academic programs or co- and extra-curricular activities, FCB’s faculty and staff dedicate themselves to making a difference in the lives of our students and of those in our community. Please join us in our quest to make the difference that matters.

Craig Van Slyke, Ph.D.
Dean, The W. A. Franke College of Business

The difference that matters

I learned that one of NAU’s slogans is “The difference that matters.” As I found out more about FCB I concluded that this is not a mere slogan. FCB’s culture sits on a foundation of concern for student success, as these examples demonstrate.

  • The newly-launched Business Leadership Program helps students develop their professionalism and leadership skills through activities including mentoring relationships with business leaders.
  • The Pathways to Professional Leadership program includes seminars, workshops, and lectures that help students find academic and career success.
  • The Professionalism Recognition Program allows students to distinguish themselves by participating in development activities and receiving evaluations from FCB faculty and staff.
  • HRM students complete at least 1,200 hours of hospitality-related work experience while earning their degree, helping them get their careers off to a running start.
  • Business students apply their knowledge by creating a business plan in BizBlock. Business leaders evaluate and provide feedback on their plan.
  • The Hospitality Management Lab lets HRM students gain first-hand experience with up-to-date guest management and lodging operations computer systems.
  • The Business Communication Center helps students hone their verbal and written communication skills.
  • The Career Development Office prepares students for their career search through a variety of services including workshops, internships, and the Executive Job Shadow program.

Even our buildings reflect a student focus:

  • Out of the LEED Gold certified FCB building’s 111,000 square feet, 33,000 is dedicated to non-classroom student space.
  • A dozen technology-rich “front porches” sit at the FCB building’s classroom entrances.
  • The FCB building boasts 18 student breakout spaces complementing two student lounges and a café.
  • The newly-renovated HRM East building includes a state-of-the art demonstration kitchen and beverage lab as well as the “Fireplace Room” and patio where students can relax (or study!).

FCB also makes a difference in the community. The Alliance Bank Business Outreach Center houses groups that provide analysis, training and development services, including the Center for American Indian Economic Development, the Arizona Hospitality Research & Resource Center, and the Arizona Rural Policy Institute. The Computer Training Center offers numerous technology-related workshops while the Road Scholar program offers lifelong learning programs throughout the Southwest.

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