7G MM: Seven Generation Money Management

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“I have learned that life hits you. You tend to buy things that are not necessary before buying the things you really need.
Be smart in what you buy!”
~Aliana B. (age 18) Cherokee
"All My Relations" Conference, Anaheim, California

CAIED's Seven Generation Money Management (7G MM) is a hands on financial literacy game targeted toward Native American youth to increase their money management skills and to give them a basic understanding of investing, opening a bank account, purchasing a car, renting an apartment, buying a house, and other life skills.

How the game is played

The scenario: Up to13 mock businesses. Student are given the control over their finances. Two main rules appy in the game:

  1.  Students must have a place to live; either they enroll in college and stay in the dorm, they rent an apartment, or purchase a house
  2.  Students must pay their taxes at least once in the game.

The game: Students are given a tribal ID card and a ledger. Students play a one hour session. To simulate real-life experience, the one hour session corresponds to one year and every 15 minutes corresponds to three months. If a student has agreed to an installment loan, e.g., at the car dealership, then they will be responsible to make payments every 15 minutes.They transact with businesses of their choice. How they spend their money is up to them.


Benefits of Playing 7G MM

  • Gain an understanding of investments
  • Learn about checking and savings accounts
  • Engage in simulated real-life transactions
  • Understand better money management.

"Train-the-Trainer" Workshops in 2017

Would you like to learn how to faciliate the 7G MM game? 

We will be offering Train the Trainer sessions starting Summer 2017. If you are interested in attending, please email Crystal.Cree@nau.edu for more details.

Community Outreach

Since 2013, 7G MM game sessions and presentations have served over 40 different schools, 35 different communities, with more than 1600 students/youth. In addition, NAU CAIED also facilitated four train the trainer sessions in Phoenix, Camp Verde, Parker and on the Northern Arizona University Flagstaff campus; training 76 personnel on how to facilitate the game.

The game has also become a mandatory training for the Yavapai Apache Nation. They have incorporated it into their financial education for their tribal members. NAU CAIED has also received word that other tribes such as the Pascua Yaqui-Guadalupe, AZ is considering implementing the 7G MM game into their student financial aid mandatory training.


“It’s a very good opportunity for the kids to have hands-on experience on how to spend money, how to budget, how to get all the necessities they need,”

~Trainee, Yavapai Apache
“7G MM Train the Trainer, June 2015”

“It’s good for tribal kids to get a good understanding of how to pay their taxes…the game is really fun and educational. It teaches us how to use our money and spend our money.”

~Youth employee, Yavapai Apache Nation
“Yavapai Apache Summer Youth Employment program”

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