CAIED Continues to Promote Financial Literacy with 7G MM Game

Posted: Monday, February 6th 2017 at 11:18 AM

In the coming weeks, the Center for American Indian Economic Development (CAIED) will bring its Seven Generation Money Management Game (7G MM) to several communities throughout the state and region. The purpose of the game, sponsored by the Johnson Scholarship Foundation, is to increase financial literacy among Native American youth by presenting real-life financial scenarios in a fun and interactive way.

Since 2013, CAIED's 7G MM game sessions and presentations have served over 35 different schools, 33 different communities, with more than 1300 students/youth participants. In addition, they have also facilitated three train the trainer sessions in Phoenix, Camp Verde, and on the Northern Arizona University Flagstaff campus. NAU CAIED has trained 65 personnel on how to facilitate the game.

During the game, participants are given a ledger and encouraged to make transactions with the mock businesses set up throughout the game. In the past, participants have used their ledger to open bank accounts, apply for a loan, and rent an apartment; ultimately however, how participants use their ledger is up to them.  

Crystal Cree, CAIED Coordinator, notes the game has received positive feedback in the past and CAIED is excited to continue the game and its community outreach.

“Right now we offer 7G MM primarily in Arizona, but we are trying to branch out into neighboring states as well,” explained Cree.

Cree also notes CAIED has availability to present the game to communities in April and May.

Upcoming 7G MM events:

Mar. 31st Theodore Roosevelt Middle School

April TBD


Read about past 7G MM events HERE.

To arrange a 7G MM event contact Crystal Cree at

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