408 Internship for Credit Information

The W. A. Franke College of Business’s Field Work Experience (Internship) Program at Northern Arizona University is intended to benefit students and employers by advertising employment opportunities for students that integrate academic knowledge with career-related work experiences. As a result of their practical work experience, students should return to the classroom better informed, prepared and motivated.

Students find internships in private and non-profit organizations as well as government agencies. Most openings are primarily in Flagstaff and Phoenix, with occasional positions in other parts of Arizona and the United States.

Once the student has secured an internship, they can enroll in the 408 Internship for Credit course by meeting with the Career Development Office in room 108 to complete the course paperwork. Enrollment for the course takes place during regular enrollment periods each semester, and in the summer.

Additional benefits:

  • Expand and practice professional competence and skills.
  • Establish a professional career network.
  • Build a résumé and expand after graduation job opportunities.
  • Earn academic credit.

Internship FAQ's

Student's need to enroll for this course during regular enrollment times for classes.

What are the Employer's responsibilities? 

What are the benefits of doing an internship?

Who are potential employers offering internships?

Does the Internship Coordinator find internships for students?

Where can I find internship opportunities?

What are companies that hire interns looking for?

How do I earn academic credit?

Can I earn academic credit for a job I already have?

Can I earn academic credit for an internship if I am an undeclared-business student?

How do Internship Employers Contact NAU?