Professionalism Recognition Program

The Professionalism Recognition Program (PRP) is a unique opportunity for Business and Hotel & Restaurant Management (HRM) majors to distinguish themselves by developing and demonstrating professional qualities in the classroom and through extracurricular activities.

Students that complete the required amount of extracurricular activities and accumulate the minimum number of professionalism ratings from The W. A. Franke College of Business (FCB) faculty and staff may earn one of three rankings and will be recognized with a letter from the dean in accordance with the level of the rank earned.

Here are the FAQs.

Why should I participate?

How do I sign up?

What are the required extracurricular activities?

How do I get credit for extracurricular activities?

What are professionalism ratings?

How many professionalism ratings do I need?

How should I solicit a rating from a FCB faculty or staff?

Can I still solicit a professionalism rating from a professor that did not rate me as part of their class?

Can I solicit more than one rating from the same professor?

How are classroom ratings earned?

How is my level of professionalism determined?

If I earn one of the three rankings, how will I be recognized?

When should I enroll in the program?

What if I sign up and later decide to opt out of the program?

Can I be administratively dropped from the program?

How can I appeal if I don't agree with a professionalism rating?

What are the Terms & Conditions?