Additional PRP Information

As a participant in the Professionalism Recognition Program (PRP), here are a few more guidelines that will help you achieve success.

PRP Extracurricular Activities Guidelines

Students participating in the PRP are required to complete six different activities from the approved list of PRP extracurricular activities to qualify to be ranked. PRP extracurricular activities consist of workshops and other experiences that create the opportunity for students to develop their understanding of professionalism as it relates to various situations and communications. 

The approved list of PRP Extracurricular Activities is:

Personal Development
  • Interview Skills
  • Résumé Writing
  • Dress for Success
  • PRP Orientation
  • School to Work Transition
  • Preparing for a Job Search
Professional Development
  • Business Communication
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Business Etiquette
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Networking
For the below events, please submit activity in the PRP website (subject to approval)
  • Executive board member of an FCB Club (worth two PRP activities)
  • Executive board member of an non-FCB Club
  • Attend a Job Shadow (worth two PRP activities)
  • Complete a professional internship for academic credit (worth two PRP activities)
  • Complete a professional internship
  • Volunteering/social responsibility (not required by another activity)

Students that believe that they have an experience or activity that is worthy of credit in the Professionalism Recognition Program, can see someone in the Office of Undergraduate Programs in Room 222.

Guidelines for soliciting a PRP rating

Students participating in the PRP need to have a minimum of 10 professionalism ratings to qualify to be ranked.  Professionalism ratings should be requested from FCB faculty or staff with whom you have regular contact, such as in a class where you did not receive a rating, or from the faculty advisor for your student organization. 

To request a professionalism rating from a FCB faculty of staff you should begin with a well thought out and professional e-mail to the FCB faculty or staff member. Your message should:

  • Be grammatically correct
  • Include a salutation
  • Not include text language
  • Include reasons why you believe your behavior is professional
  • Include what you have learned about professionalism
  • Be professionally written.

If you do not get a response, then you should follow up in person during the professor’s office hours.  Please note that participation for faculty is voluntary and so it is possible that some professors may not rate you when requested.

Please note that you may only solicit one professionalism rating per FCB faculty or staff member.

The Professionalism Rubric

Download the RUBRIC HERE (PDF).