There are many services available at your fingertips that will not only make your class projects but planning your future much more efficient.  Take advantage of our offices’ assistance in planning your academics, honing in your professional writing, finding and applying to internships and jobs, printing portfolios and more.  We are all here for you. Save yourself some time and become a professional business student at the FCB.

Academic Resources

Check this page for helpful links to other FCB and NAU resources.  Can’t find the catalog or don’t know what Liberal Studies are?  You’ll find the answers here.

Business Communication Center

The Business Communication Center is your go-to place for improving your paper writing, polishing that cover letter and resume, and finding assistance in developing your wordsmithing skills.  Stop by or check here to make an appointment.

Career Development Office

Our Career Development Office provides you with the most up-to-date job openings, internship opportunities, and connects, and helps you start building your professional network. Visit here and explore the many more opportunities offered through the CDO!

Visit here and explore the many more opportunities offered through the CDO!

Office of Advising and Academic Services

The OAS is your first stop for any academic concerns.  Meet with one of our professional advisors to discuss your classes, plan ahead, think about studying abroad, and make sure that you are on track to get into the Business Professional Program and graduation.  We are here for you!

Support Services

Need your portfolio printed or professional grade paper stock for your resume and cover letter? Need copies of your class materials or a poster for your club or organization?  Come on by.  We have everything that you may need for your classes, projects, and your career.

Information Technology & Help Desk (FCB-IT)

The FCB IT office can assist you in setting up your FCB account and password, help you remote log-in to your FCB account, and provide you with access to the software that you need for your classes.