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Why should I participate?

How do I sign up?

What are the required extracurricular activities?

How do I get credit for extracurricular activities?

What are professionalism ratings?

How many professionalism ratings do I need?

How should I solicit a rating from FCB faculty or staff?

Can I still solicit a professionalism rating from a professor that did not rate me as part of their class?

Can I solicit more than one rating from the same professor?

How are classroom ratings earned?

How is my level of professionalism determined?

What are the three possible rankings?

If I earn one of the three rankings, how will I be recognized?

When should I enroll in the program?

How do I upload a PRP activity?

What if I sign up and later decide to opt out of the program?

Can I be administratively dropped from the program?

How can I appeal if I don't agree with a professionalism rating?