Career Development

You have succeeded in your first career as you have served or are serving our country in the military.  As you transition from a military to a civilian career, take advantage of the multiple resources provided below to help you reach your professional goals.

We hope you find these resources to be helpful! We welcome suggestions and appreciate your feedback. If you have found an excellent resource for the veteran student that you would like to see added to our website, please contact us at

  • NAU Business Career Development Office

    NAU Business Career Development Office is here to help you create a bridge to your future, working towards your success as you graduate. Visit their website HERE.

  • NAU Career Services

    NAU Career Services engages and educates students and alumni in their process of career development and planning to empower their pursuit of lifelong professional growth. Website HERE.

  • NAU Jobs for Jacks

    Many employers wish to hire NAU students. Jobs for Jacks is an online employment database exclusively available to NAU students and alumni. Visit their website HERE.

  • NAU Career Services Pinterest-Networking

    NAU Career Services Pinterest-Networking: Professional associations are great places to connect with working professionals at all levels. Website HERE.

  • NAU Career Services Pinterest-What to Wear

    NAU Career Services Pinterest-What to Wear: Professional dress recommendations for all styles and professional occasions plus links to related pinterest boards! Website HERE.

  • The Smart Axe Guide - How to Become a LinkedIn Guru

    The Smart Axe Guide-LinkedIn: Build a strong, professional online footprint using the power of LinkedIn, but never forget that it is a professional networking site. Website HERE.

  • The Smart Axe Guide - How to Become a Twitter Guru

    The Smart Axe Guide-Twitter: Create a positive and powerful online presence through the use of one of the most popular and public social media outlets: Twitter. Website HERE.

  • The W. A. Franke College of Business Veteran Student Center

    The W. A. Franke College of Business Veteran Student Center (FCB VSC) is your first stop for information as a military or veteran student at NAU. Visit their website HERE.

  • Coconino County Career Center

    Coconino County Career Center serving Employers, WIA Youth, Adult & Dislocated Workers with funding from the Department of Labor. Visit their website HERE.

  • Feds Hire Vets

    Feds Hire Vets helps the men and women who have served our country in the military find employment in the Federal Government. Visit their website HERE.

  • Goodwill Industries

    Goodwill® meets the needs of all job seekers, including programs for youth, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities, criminal backgrounds and other specialized needs. Website HERE.

  • Native Americans for Community Action (NACA)

    Native Americans for Community Action (NACA) seeks to create a healthy community for Native people and others in need based on Harmony, Respect and Indigenous values. Website HERE.

  • NaVOBA

    NaVOBA | Prior Military and the Entrepreneurial Spirit go hand in hand. The Vetrapreneur online magazine is a helpful publication. 

  • Southwest Behavioral Health Services

    Southwest Behavioral Health Services inspires people to feel better and reach their potential, thereby, improving our communities. Visit their website HERE.

  • The Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army serves adults, children, and families here and abroad seeking the basic necessities of life - food, shelter, and warmth. Website HERE.

  • VA Work Study

    VA Work Study | For full-time or 3/4-time students in a college degree, vocational, or professional program, you can “earn while you learn” with a VA work-study allowance. Website HERE.

  • Veteran Entrepreneur

    Veteran Entrepreneur | Small business owners turn to this trusted source for practical resources, tools, and instruction on how to manage and grow their companies. Website HERE.