Community of Distinction:

Our alumni have to gone on to great things. MBA Alumni are encouraged to connect with us by joining our LinkedIn group.

  • Gahtlin Banks

    Gahtlin Banks

    MBA Class of 2013

    Returning Peace Corps Volunteer-Belize

    University of Flordia, BS Business Administration

    "As a RPCV I was looking for an M.B.A. program that incorporated my interest in sustainable business – I found that at NAU.The Peace Corps Coverdell Fellow graduate assistantship provides me the opportunity to work with a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving local community businesses."

  • Varun Bongu

    Varun Bongu

    MBA Class of 2011
    KSR College of Technology, India
    MS Information Technology
    SAP/Business Intelligence Consultant
    "I've had 20 years of education and this last year has transformed me the most."

    "I now know I'll be successful wherever I go, whatever I do."

    "If Mr. Buffett is calling us on and on, he has seen some value in the students of NAU, especially The W. A. Frank College of Business."

  • Paul Brown

    Paul Brown

    MBA Class of 2013

    SUNY Stony Brook, BA History & Education

    “The greatest insight I took from the Net Impact Conference was the notion that one does not need to seek a position in “sustainability” in order to make a positive, sustainable impact in the business world. Whether we get a position in accounting, operations, or IT, we can make sustainable decisions for our company in every aspect and at every level.” 

  • Corie McGuire

    Corie McGuire

    MBA Class of 2012

    NAU, BS Finance

    "It was always a goal of mine to get an MBA from Northern Arizona University after finishing my undergraduate degree. NAU offered the WRGP tuition assistance program. This meant that  I could apply for in-state tuition rates since I was from the Western United States. After being accepted for WGRP I was ecstatic because I could  achieve my goal of getting an MBA."

  • Melissa Meno

    Melissa Meno

    MBA Class of 2011
    Peace Corps MBA Grant
    NAU BS Interior Design

    Entrepreneur/Sustainable Products
    "I've had a lot of experiences from being abroad, and I hope that influences and impacts people in the grad program."

  • Chris Moriarty

    Chris Moriarty

    MBA-ACC Class of 2012

    "This rigorous program has been noticed by many of the public accounting firms in the state and helped me land a job with Ernst and Young.  The small class size allows the group to progress further because the professors know our abilities.   This program has helped prepare for my career and I highly recommend it for anyone going into public accounting."

  • Daniel Okpomor

    Daniel Okpomor

    MBA Class of 2009
    BS from University of Lagos, Nigeria

    "At the end of the day, the key differentiating factor for the NAU-MBA is the faculty.In my opinion, the NAU-MBA faculty are a committed group of individuals that have as their primary goal your success. That's something that I sincerely believe, and I was fortunate to experience first hand.I did do extensive research [before choosing NAU-MBA], including outside of the U.S. The pivotal point was when I visited the campus and there was a very sincere, very ubiquitous positive energy in everyone I interacted with from the students to the faculty members to the administrative staff. It just felt like a good fit for me."


  • Gibbons St. Paul

    Gibbons St. Paul

    MBA Class of 1999

    Utility Consulting Group LLC, Manager

    What I like best: "Having professors truly dedicated to your success and always available to talk and bounce ideas off. As an athlete, I appreciate that  professors understood the balance between playing football and completing my MBA. Never got any special privileges but the understanding was there and that was very important to me."