Business Foundations Graduate Certificate


The Business Foundations Graduate Certificate (BFGC) program at NAU provides a means for individuals with undergraduate degrees in fields other than business to gain exposure to, and understanding of, basic functional business skills.  Skills acquired in this program can expand performance and career opportunities in both not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. The curriculum can be completed in as little as one summer, or on a part time basis. This program is not open to students with an undergraduate or graduate degree in business.

Students enrolled in the program complete a 15 credit hour curriculum of graduate business coursework.  All courses are graduate level, and thus, all students must be admitted to the NAU Graduate College in or order to enroll. The courses are offered online during the summer only.  The courses are completed as follows:

  • BA 523 Integrated Introduction to Marketing and Management
  • BA 521 Accounting for Managers
  • BA 522 Quantitative Analysis & Operations Management for Decision Making
  • BA 520 Economic Analysis
  • BA 524 Principles of Finance & Business Law for Managers

Northern Arizona University requires that students enrolled in graduate certificate programs must complete their program of study in six years. Please see the FAQs for additional information about the program HERE.

Course Descriptions

Program Schedule

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