Full Time MBA, MBA-ACC

The NAU MBA program is offered full time at the Flagstaff mountain campus. There are no online courses available.  If you are interested in an online program, please visit the Master in Administration website HERE.

The MBA curriculum is accelerated, lasting 10 months.  With no work experience required, the program is a great fit for those looking for an early career option.  Those looking to change careers will appreciate the short duration of the program, as well. Students begin the program early August and graduate the following May. You will earn your AACSB accredited degree in less time than a traditional two year program, saving you time and money, so you can get to work sooner.  

The MBA program will broaden and deepen your knowledge of business and management skills, and allow you to expedite your entry into the job market. You may choose an emphasis in Applied Management or Accounting. The Accounting Emphasis satisfies the educational requirements for CPA licensure in several states. Both the Applied Management and the Accounting Emphasis follow a 30 credit hour curriculum consisting of 21 credit hours of core classes and 9 credit hours of emphasis classes.  U.S. Citizens without an undergraduate degree in business administration may be admitted conditionally. A transcript review determines the prerequisite business foundation  courses the student will complete, prior to beginning the MBA program.

For detailed information about the MBA program, please refer to the NAU Academic Catalog HERE.

Program Highlights:

Applied Management


Enrichment Activities

Business Foundation Prerequisite Courses for Non-Business Undergraduate Majors

Program Schedule

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