MBA-Applied Management for Hospitality Professionals

"You can always learn more and to be designated as an expert in your field I think is priceless."

-Kristen Jarnagin
Vice President of Communications, Arizona Lodging and Tourism Association

With the MBA-h, you will gain a deeper understanding of business practices, finances, and strategies. Our AACSB accredited degree will show employers that you not only have the hospitality experience but also the business acumen to take on executive and complex management responsibilities. The curriculum is taught by leading faculty in business administration and hospitality management with a majority of the coursework online and in-person residencies at the beginning of each semester. You must have seven or more years of full time hospitality, or related industry, work experience, with significant role progression, increasing management responsibilities, and demonstrated leadership in order to apply.

Limited residency

Designed for the busy hospitality professional, this limited residency program allows you to continue working full time, while helping you fast track your career.

Face to face course instruction takes place at  two locations over the two-year duration of the program. The locations alternate between Flagstaff and Phoenix, Arizona. You will spend between three and six days at each site according to the schedule shown below. The W.A. Franke College of Business at the NAU Mountain Campus will be your Flagstaff location. The NAU North Valley Campus facility will be your Phoenix location. You will be responsible for lodging, transportation and some meals during the residency periods.

Portions of your coursework will be offered online between residency periods.

Admissions Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university
  • A minimum of 7 years, post-undergraduate, work experience in the hospitality industry or a related field, with significant role progression, increasing management responsibilities, and demonstrated leadership.
  • Based on review of the pre-application materials, students may be asked to complete either the GRE or GMAT to supplement their application
  • All admissions documentation


BA 520 Economic Analysis

BA 521 Accounting for Managers

BA 522 Quantitative Analysis and Operations Management for Decision Making

BA 523 Integrated Introduction to Management and Marketing

BA 524 Principles of  Finance and Law for Managers

BA 587 Professional Development

BA 641 Business Consulting Skills

BA 642 Decision Modeling & Simulation

BA 643 Business Consulting Practicum

BA 650 Systems, Orientation, and Training

BA 651 Customers, Markets, and Organizations

BA 652 Managing People & Processes

BA 653 Individuals, Teams, & Careers

BA 654 Managerial Decision Making

ACC 650 Financial Reporting & Statement Analysis

BA 659 Strategy & Leadership

BA 687 Professional Development


Financial Aid 

Financial aid for this program is available!  For specific details, please contact Kelli Westerdahl at or 928-523-7302.  

  • In the News


    AAHOA Lodging cites the MBA-h as Innovative MBA Program Tailored for Hospitality Managers [CLICK HERE]

  • Quick Facts

    Students enrolled in the program will increase their ability to:

    • model financial results;
    • integrate strategy, tactics, and operations;
    • lead and inspire diverse teams;
    • effectively manage complex projects; and
    • more effectively communicate verbally and in writing.