MBA-h: MBA in Applied Management for Hospitality Professionals

"Interaction with other industry leaders is key, and a true benefit of the program."

-Brian Cammack
Vice President Human Resources Western Region- Marriott International and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC

With the MBA-h, you will gain a deeper understanding of high level decision making, financal analysis, and leadership implementation. Our AACSB accredited degree will show employers that you not only have the hospitality experience but also the business acumen to take on executive and complex management responsibilities. The curriculum is taught by leading faculty in business administration and hospitality management with a majority of the coursework online and in-person residencies at the beginning of each term. 



MBA-h Exclusive Features

Earn and Learn

Working full-time but still want to go back to school?

This program is designed for the working professional.  You can continue to earn your paycheck while you earn your MBA degree.  

Location Flexibility

Worried about being relocated within the next few years? 

The majority of the program is online and can be done from anywhere!  Over the 24 months, there are 7 residencies (lasting from 3-6 days) that will require you to be in class on an NAU campus in Phoenix or Flagstaff.  

Limited Residency Format

Designed for the busy hospitality professional, this limited residency program allows you to continue working full-time by completing a majority of the coursework online.  

Face to face course instruction takes place during 7 residencies over the 24 months on an NAU campus in either Phoenix or Flagstaff.  Each residency lasts between 3-6 days so as not to take you away from your work responsibilities for too long.  Residencies are scheduled to occur during the Januarys, Mays and Septembers of the program.  

Program Investment

The 24-month program investment of $51,000 includes:

  • Tuition and fees
  • All course materials, including books
  • Some residency meals*

*Cost of attendance for the residencies (including travel and lodging) are not included

The program investment is divided into six payments across the 24 months.  

Financial Assistance

Concerned about funding your MBA-h?

We offer generous financial assistance that is not solely based on financial need or income. 
Merit based fellowships can help with your program investment!

For more information regarding financing your MBA-h, please visit MBA-h Financing.  

Return on Investment

Immediate ROI

Our curriculum is designed to have applicability to your current position.  Things you learn in the classroom on a Saturday can be used at work on Monday.  We like to say what you Learn Today, you can Apply Tomorrow

Long-term ROI

The GMAC Global Management Education Graduate Survey for 2013 reports that executives who pursued MBA degrees of a similar format and style received between a 39-62% increase in annual salary. 
This data is across all industries and not hospitality specific.  Every student’s situation is unique and may not be reflective such a change.