37th Annual Economic Outlook Conference

Posted: Friday, November 16th 2012 at 1:49 PM

On Thursday November 8, 2012 the 37th Annual Economic Outlook Conference was held at the High Country Conference Center in Flagstaff.

The informative conference described the current state of the economy and predictions of what could happen next. Presenters explained the potential conviction in the newly elected government officials and what issues need to be addressed in order to avoid the Fiscal Cliff. The speakers provided charts and numbers of the economic state over the past several decades. Through these charts the audience was able to see that the economy has improved and can continue to improve although it will be at a very slow pace.

At the start of the conference, Dr. Wayne Fox, director of the Alliance Bank Business Outreach Center, announced their new partnership with Alliance Bank. He then introduced Dr. Craig Van Slyke as emcee of this year's conference.

After presentations, the panel of speakers opened the discussion to a question and answer session. The audience and speakers were interactive and several questions were answered.

This video playlist offers a collage of the event and then each of the individual speaker's presentations as well as the Question & Answer session that followed.

Dr. Craig Van Slyke

Dr. Craig Van Slyke, dean of The Franke College of Business, acknowledged students and faculty for their hard work. He transitioned into the conference by stating, “The key to dealing with uncertainty is information.”

Dr. Ronald Gunderson

Dr. Ron Gunderson, professor of economics, addressed the issue of the new legislation and the importance of addressing the economic situation in order to avoid a recession.

Dr. Dennis Foster

Dr. Dennis Foster, professor of economics, provided charts of past and current recessions. He also addressed the issue of a potential Fiscal Cliff and the effect that it could have on interest rates and inflation.

Mr. Elliott Pollack

Mr. Elliott Pollack, CEO of Elliott D. Pollack & Company, explained the rate of improvement of the economic landscape as it applies to the State and the Nation. Consumer and business spending is up, but not by much. Progress is possible, but it will be a slow moving process. If the Fiscal Cliff is not avoided, a recession will happen again. 2013 should be better than 2012, albeit slightly.

Mr. Jim Lundy

Mr. Jim Lundy, founding president and CEO of Alliance Bank of Arizona, helped sponsor this year’s Conference and introduced the event’s guest speaker, Mr. Robert Sarver.

Mr. Robert Sarver

Mr. Robert Sarver, chairman and CEO of Western Alliance Bank Corporation, addressed the issue of the slow economy and how it can affect businesses. He provided some inspiring advice to encourage businessmen and women to continue to work hard. He told the audience to focus on the 5 P’s: pride, preparation, perseverance, poise, and performance.

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