A Pipeline to Your Next Hire

Posted: Tuesday, January 6th 2015 at 10:53 AM

Obtain your degree; a job will come. This is obviously not always the case. Extending that further, to obtain that first career job in Flagstaff is even harder. Many who live here know this.

By the numbers

Looking at the numbers from May 2014 FCB Business Division graduates, 70% were “Satisfactorily Engaged” upon graduation, meaning they had a new full time position; new part time position or internship; or were headed for graduate school. Of the students who reported they had a job, only 12% were able to find their first job in Flagstaff. 

The FCB provides numerous resources for students to network with the business community through its Career Development Office (CDO) in the Business Division and Career Services (CS) in the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management. The CDO and CS offer many services, including regular newsletters listing jobs and internships; extracurricular presentations by involved business community members; executive job shadow opportunities; internships; and a bi-annual career fair. For the employer, it is a perfect pipeline to your next hire.

Victor Martinez, a management and marketing major, embraced the opportunities the CDO offered. He met Kathy Thomas (’78 BSBA) of Stowebridge Promotions Group at a CDO Career Exploration Day, secured an executive job shadow with her, and served as an intern for Stowebridge last summer.

“Through my internship I was able to learn so much about the industry and the company that I wanted to figure out if there was a way for me to stay on board,” said Martinez.

So when he learned there was a position open, it was easy to convince Thomas that his passion was not only in marketing, but that passion extended to Stowebridge. 

Thomas arranged for Martinez to work part time in the Northland during his last semester. As Martinez walked to the podium at commencement on December 12th, they both already knew they were a good fit.

It takes a proactive effort on the part of the students as well. Samantha Stansbery, a management major, participated in the FCB Business Leadership Program through which she was encouraged to find her own internship. She had a CDO Executive Job Shadow experience, sent out resumes constantly, and finally secured her job with Sherwin-Williams after meeting one of their representatives at a CDO Career Exploration Day. 

Jennifer Pavlikowski, a marketing major, secured a position with Diamond Resorts International in Sedona before leaving the FCB. She learned of Diamond through a CDO extracurricular event, as well as meeting their representatives at a CDO Career Exploration Day.

“Some people complain [that] there are no opportunities, there are no jobs here. Well, if you would just open your eyes and maybe do a little research, you’d find something. ...that’s what the CDO is here for,” said Pavlikowski.

Food for thought

With a little involvement on your part, you can create a pipeline with students as they progress through their undergraduate years to screen for the best candidates, the best fit for your company’s needs, and keep the talent here in Flagstaff.

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