Alum: Lessons in Management from Dale Butcher

Posted: Monday, October 28th 2013 at 12:04 PM

Dale Butcher ('77 ACC) gave a guest lecture in MGT 490C Strategic Management for David Albritton, associate professor of management on Thursday, October 17, 2013 as part of FCB's Speakers Week.

Butcher shared with the students some of his tips on decision making; career strategy; crisis management; financial strategies and pitfalls; business development; grooming and selling a business; building and maintaining a competitive advantage; and more. He discussed business successes and failures along with a few of his lessons learned.

Bruce White, Butcher's business partner, was present as well.

Albritton said, “Having Bruce there presented an opportunity for [Butcher] to discuss how important the right partner is, how they complement each other, trust each other, etc.”

Students were able to gain useful information that gave them an idea of how to apply what they’ve been learning in class to their future prospective careers.

“[Butcher's] content on grooming a business for sale fits nicely with our class content,” Albritton said.

Hearing from someone with years of real world experience can be very helpful for students which is why there’s an abundance of guest speakers in classrooms each semester in the FCB.

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