Alumna Roggenbuck Recognized with the 2014 Athena Award

Posted: Tuesday, February 17th 2015 at 12:30 PM

Work hard, tell the truth, and be nice!

When asked her advice for NAU graduate and undergraduate students, Ann Roggenbuck’s response was an enthusiastic, “Work hard, tell the truth, and be nice!” Sound advice from the president and CEO of North Country HealthCare and 2014 Athena Award recipient. Roggenbuck (’85 MBA*) has been working hard on behalf of North Country Healthcare for 20 years and has a strong commitment to the success of the non-profit organization.

Paul Wiener, SHRM faculty member and proud husband wrote: “My wife, Ann Roggenbuck, was selected for the Athena Award. She is not only my wife and CEO of North Country Healthcare, but also an MBA Alumna of FCB.”

According to ATHENA Award website, the award is presented to a local businesswoman who has achieved excellence in her field, served the community, and mentored other women. The Athena Leadership Model identifies eight tenets of leadership that reflect women’s unique ways of leading. Infused with the 21st century demands for balance, accountability, and continuous learning, the model is a guide for leadership behavior and emphasizes the tenet’s interdependent relationship to the practice of dynamic leadership. The tenets include the authentic self, relationships, giving back, collaboration, courageous acts, learning, fierce advocacy, celebration, and joy.

In Flagstaff, Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce presents the award and this year's award event was held February 6, 2015 at the High Country Conference Center.

Roggenbuck believes that you reap what you sow and become what you think about! One of her inspirational mantras is “Be the change you want to see in the world!” She has lived that life, leading to this recognition. When asked, she shared a few of the benchmarks along the way:

  • Organizational startup of both Northern Arizona Area Health Education Center-1987 & North Country HealthCare-1996
  • Stewardship of a nascent clinic into a mature viable organization: $45M budget, 22 service access points in 14 communities across northern Arizona and approximately 500 employees. North Country serve as the medical home for 50,000 Arizonans & provides over 150,000 annual patient visits.
  • Successfully won myriad federal/state grants, foundation awards, and orchestrated a $3M capital campaign.
  • Provided employment opportunities and professional development to hundreds of women over the past 36 years.

Further advice for current graduate students and undergraduate students as they look to setting their own career goals?

“To go the distance, professionals need to successfully master toggling between the gas and the breaks.”

“Authenticity, along with the art of diplomacy, can go a long way toward gaining the trust and respect of others.”

“In the end, people don’t care how many degrees you earned, how many impressive titles you held or how much money you made; they care about ‘how you made them feel.’”

Even in her moment of recognition, Roggenbuck continued to give back. During the Athena award presentation, Roggenbuck expressed that her one hope was that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey would support funding for programs such as Medicaid expansion.

* Roggenbuck received a BS from Mount Marty College in 1978; a Masters Public Health from the University of Minnesota in 1979; her MBA from Northern Arizona University in 1985; and a PhD in Business Administration from Capella University in 2000.

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