Alumnus Holdsworth (‘99 ACC) Featured in AZ CPA Magazine

Posted: Thursday, October 6th 2016 at 7:08 AM

Matt Holdsworth ('99 ACC), CPA, CFO of CrossFit, Inc. is featured in the October issue of  AZ CPA magazine. Their In Good Company piece, A Great Fit, shares how Matt combines work and Fitness.

"When your workday might include wiring funds to Madrid for bomb-sniffing dogs, or ginding out if you can do business in Iran, or trying to determine just how Brexit will affect your business, you know you don't have the typical accounting job. Matt Holdsworth, CPA, CFO of CrossFit, Inc. and founding partner of Holdsworth Chadd Fuller CPAs PC in Prescott seems to thrive working for CrossFit with all its unique challenges. And it caertainly has kept him in shape..."

Read the full article on Holdsworth in AZ CPA HERE, pages 11-12.

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