An Update from Indigo Partners Internship Alum, Zoe Wang

Posted: Wednesday, May 8th 2013 at 8:05 AM

Being an Indigo Partners, LLC intern has a broad impact on the future of our students who've been fortunate enough to be chosen. Jie Ma (Zoe) Wang ('12 ACC/FIN, Minor in Asian Studies) is one of the Indigo Partners, LLC intern alumni now and shared this re-cap of her experience.

"It’s hard to believe how fast time flies. My last day at Indigo Partners is less than a month away! My year at Indigo was filled with challenges and excitement. Since I started in May of last year, I've traveled to several different countries in South America and Asia, including Singapore, India, Philippines, Mexico, and Chile to meet with portfolio airline management teams and to evaluate potential investment opportunities. I did extensive aviation sector market research and assisted in developing business plans and financial models for start-up and existing airlines in several different regions.

"Working with C-level executives at international airlines has improved my ability to lead with confidence and my ability to evaluate major business decisions such as reorganizations, mergers, and incentive plans. I've developed business plans for international deals that involve potential investment of approximately $100 million each. I worked closely with airline CEOs and CFOs to evaluate monthly P&L and company performance, and participated in company shareholder and committee meetings. These experiences have become treasures of my life. Now approaching the end of my journey at Indigo, I'm excited for my new destination in the fall.

"I finished my last MBA interview with Yale School of Management in February. Though it's freezing in New Haven, and I couldn't feel my hands and toes, I was very impressed by the school and the MBA program. I felt like I was in one of the Harry Porter movies when I walked inside Yale's libraries and museums. I was admitted to UCLA’s MBA program in Los Angeles as well. Although I was excited about 300 days of sunshine and Asian food all year round, I finally made my decision to attend Yale this fall. I really like the university and what Yale has to offer, both in terms of its resources and its 120,000 alums around the globe. I will be traveling around China visiting family and friends this summer before moving to New Haven for MBA orientation in August.

"I’ve grown so much both professionally and personally this year at Indigo. I became much more confident and learned to look at problems from a broad view. I’m excited to start my new journey at Yale University, to apply what I’ve learned at Indigo, and to continue my quest to become a well-rounded lady.

"Best Regards,

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