Area Highlights Fall 2017 - Economics

Posted: Tuesday, September 5th 2017 at 1:46 PM

At the start-of-semester meeting for Fall 2017, Xiaobing Zhao, associate professor of economics and economics area coordinator, announced several highlights pertaining to her area of study.

She made note of the retirement of Professor Ronald Gunderson, recalling a 'happiest moment' of that retirement when the ECON faculty came together for a group photo with Gunderson. Also of note was Gunderson's recent assessment work and its recognition at the University level. He led the area faculty on a major curriculum change that requires economic majors to take three quantitative courses instead of two.

Zhao then offered more area faculty highlights:

Nancy Baca received FCB's summer research grant along with Dean Smith on economic influences of reduced snow pack. Baca works with the Arizona Council on Economics Education to train high school economics teachers.

Wendy Campione, one of our senior ECON faculty, has been working at NAU for 36 years. One of her papers was just accepted for publication in the Journal of Business Diversity.

John Eastwood, our expert in international economics, the advisor of the student Omicron Delta Epsilon group who disseminates personal finance and economic information to elementary students and their parents. Eastwood serves on the College Scholarship Committee and Assessment Committee.

Dennis Foster has served as one of the panelists for the NAU Alliance Bank Business Outreach Center's annual Economic Outlook Conference for years. He also runs the Austrian Economics Club.

Mason Gerety serves as a role model in teaching, research, and service as well as our life advisor and career mentor. He is really our backbone.

Julie Mueller (bio), our Marley Professor and NAU representative on a task force for the Center for the Future of Arizona, was awarded a $53,000 grant to estimate non-market values of Arizona watershed restoration.

Pin Ng (bio), our Franke Professor, published his article “Tourism and Economic Growth” in a tier-1 journal, Journal of Travel Research. Ng also received a most prestigious scholarly research award, the 2016 Charles R. Goeldner Article of Excellence Award. He serves on FCB curriculum committee.

Andrew Parkes, associate editor for the Journal of Economics, always handles overload teaching; his syllabi are awesome; we hope his position will become permanent.

Wade Rousse is our Teacher of the Year! He holds multiple positions. He is our PI – 'popular and influential' – in many aspects.

Dean Smith leads an interdisciplinary research on campus on reduced snow pack in the Western States by gathering the first-hand data; he is also a professor of Applied Indigenous Studies.

Rick Szal's (bio) paper on Supplemental Instructors received the Best Paper Award in Innovations in Education at the Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning Conference. Szal is the treasurer and interim president for the Fulbright Association of Arizona.

Xiaobing Zhao (bio) published her 7th climate change paper, “The Impact of Climate Change on Developed Economies,” in Economics Letters, a tier-1 journal. She is working on her 8th paper with Mason Gerety, professor of finance, and will present her 9th paper at a UC-Berkeley conference. Zhao also serves on the FCB Promotion & Tenure committee.

Zhao's closing remarks gave appreciation to others she feels contributes to the success of the ECON major.

"Finally, we sincerely welcome our new Dean Dan Goebel and his wife Ms. Betsy.

"We thank everyone in the Dean’s Office, and our previous dean, Craig Van Slyke, Eric Yordy, Carol Saunders, Craig Bain, and all committee chairs for the generous help they provide for our area.

"We thank all area faculty, area coordinators, and directors for sharing their experience and advice with ECON area.

"The last but not the least, we thank the staff for their excellent service to the FCB, including a special thanks to Kay Pinto for her terrific work on course scheduling," she concluded.

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