Ask the CEO: Thomas’ Advice Column in the Flagstaff Business News 2015

Posted: Tuesday, November 17th 2015 at 10:00 AM

T. Paul Thomas, FCB Executive in Residence, offers advice to CEO's through his monthly column "Ask the CEO" in the Flagstaff Business News.


Six Things to Prepare for 2015 Year-End
Posted on November 8, 2015

"The combination of the holidays and the year ending is perfect for preparing for a new year AND remembering those who helped you and your business succeed. So, I have prepared my Six Things You Should Do over the next 50 days.' […]" Full article HERE


Step 1: Become a CEO; Step 2: Join a Gang
Posted on October 5, 2015

"Just last week, I kicked off the first CEO Peer Group for NACET (Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology). As I drove home after the meeting, it all came back to me: the importance of a peer group and how my career would have been very different if not for Alliance of CEOs, YPO, and the peer CEOs in my group that unselfishly helped me.' […]" Full article HERE


Do I Really Need a Business Plan?
Posted on September 19, 2015

"A quick confession: I am a planner but I hate doing business plans. As a matter of fact, most of my companies didn’t have a business plan. You would probably be surprised to hear that Google, Yahoo, Apple, Facebook and Disney started without a business plan. But, my mom used to say, 'Just because your friend isn’t wearing a jacket in the snow doesn’t mean you don’t have to.' […]" Full article HERE


Congratulations on Being Fired
Posted on August 11, 2015

"Interestingly, over the last month, I have spoken to business owners who are faced with firing someone and I’ve heard from several friends who are concerned they will get fired (or are hoping they get fired so that they can do something else). For the purposes of this month’s column, I speak of being fired […]" Full article HERE


Speak the Language: Remember, It Is the Little Things
Posted on July 15, 2015

"For my column this month, I have decided to write about two things that I experienced in the last 30 days. Both have real world lessons for anyone running a company or managing a business or employees. Speak the Language My youngest son, Ross, will be graduating from Northern Arizona University in December and we […]" Full article HERE


Am I the Problem?
Posted June 13, 2015

"It went something like this: 'I have started a number of companies, but they always seem to stall at a certain point. Is the problem me or the team?' ...In every case where my company had tremendous success, I can trace it back to having a great team. In every case where my company has failed (or I failed), it was because I tried to do everything myself or didn’t build/lead/nurture a team or team environment.'”... Full article HERE

Getting Hit By the Bus
Posted June 22, 2015

"“How do I know when it is time to hire a general manager or an operations manager?” If you, as the business owner or CEO, are running all aspects of your business and don’t have a strong, qualified operations manager, it isn’t a matter of if you will ever ask this question, it is simply a matter of when.”... Full article HERE


Always Ask for Advice
Posted May 10, 2015

"I will touch on the importance of asking for advice... The consultant told us, 'If you ask someone for money, they will give you advice. If you ask them for advice, they will give you money.'”... Full article HERE


First Three Things All Business Owners Should Do
Posted March 24, 2015

As this column develops over time, I will share my thoughts with fellow CEOs, presidents, general managers and business owners based on questions that are submitted to me at

For this inaugural column, I’ve decided to address the question I’ve been asked the most over my 30-year career. It usually goes something like this, “What advice do you have for a new business owner (or CEO, president or general manager)?”... Full article HERE

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