BizBlock Business Plan Competition Winners

Posted: Wednesday, December 12th 2012 at 11:16 AM

Congratulations to the Fall 2012 BizBlock Business Plan Competition Winners who were announced on December 10th. The announcement followed the December 5th presentations to the Venture Capital judges. We want to thank our Fall 2012 judges for their time and energy: Ben Sommerville of ATK Change Management; Ron Getto of Starlite Lanes, owner; John Kalinich of Decker Outdoors, vice president of Consumer Direct; and Colleen Ragland of Realty Executive Brokerage.

Drink Well’s Agave Lemonade team was pronounced the BizBlock Fall 2012 Venture Capitalist Competition winner. After their presentation, Torey Schreiner from the Drink Well team shared her take-aways in this interview:

Full Plan Competition Winners

1st Place Drink Well’s Agave Lemonade:

Jonathan Allen
Alex Dias
Melanie Fijan
Brianna Forster
Tyler Foster
Torey Schreiner
Zhou Yuan

2nd Place Apparel Solutions:

Angela Rose Bimbo
Cody Duncan
Shelby Houston
Jack Kemmerly
Ross Pollard
Jessie Truscio
Walid Zain

3rd Place Crate Expectations:

Eric Krulijac
Kelly Miller
Michelle Rawson
Stephen Rue
Joe Taylor
Chenyang Wang
Kaitlin West

Elevator Pitch Competition Winner

1st Place Sole Soldiers:

Gabriel Borden
Shane Bostick
Amara Edgley
George Holberg
Alexis Mann
Ryan Pritchard
Danielle Weedman

In their own words

BizBlock is a great class. This class helped me realize I made the right decision when I became a business major. BizBlock was the hardest class I have ever had to complete...but I would never change a minute of it. I became close with not only my team members but with the professors and the class as a whole.

I highly recommend taking this class for anyone who is a business major. It's a hard and crazy class to take, but it's all worth it!

–Melanie Fijan, Drink Well
Being a finance and marketing major, I was not required to enroll in BizBlock, but I am so glad I pushed myself through the semester! Call me crazy, but I would take every semester in an integrated class form.

Being in BizBlock pushed me to really learn, understand, and apply TRUE business functions. BizBlock...led me to a great internship opportunity because I succeeded in the competition.

–Jon Allen, Drink Well

Presentation Schedule

Full plan presentations were 10-15 minutes followed by a 30 minute Question & Answer session with the Venture Capital judges. 

Group Presenting 

Elevator Pitches:
Sole Soldiers
Around the World

Full Plan:
Apparel Solutions
Elevator Pitches:
Puttin’ in the Pines
Pawsitively Healing

Full Plan:
Crate Expectations

Elevator Pitches:
Get ‘em Gator
Deliver U

Full Plan:
Drink Well Agave Lemonade

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