BizBlock Fall 2013 Business Plan Competition Winners

Posted: Wednesday, December 11th 2013 at 12:57 PM

The NAU BizBlock Program, an intense nine credit block class, combines management, marketing, and business communication to teach students how to successfully work in a real-world situation. They are put into teams of 5-7 people and are then tasked with the challenge of coming up with an effective business plan, presenting it, and then asking for funding from mock venture capitalists.

Throughout the course of the semester, students worked on building their business plan and learning the importance of teamwork along the way.

This semester, the winning team for the Investor presentation was QuickSlice and Big Spin won the elevator pitch.

Congratulations to both teams!

Investor Competition Winners, QuickSlice

Team members: Fernanda Avila, Kristen Boyd, Lynae Bustamante, Tyler Hernbroth, Robert Irvine, Kayla Nix, Knoel Sotomayer

Business: QuickSlice will design, manufacture, and distribute innovative fruit and vegetable products. The initial QuickSlice product will be a strawberry slicer that slices and cores multiple strawberries at once.  This product will be used by frozen yogurt shops, bakeries, and caterers to increase efficiency and safety and provide visually appealing sliced strawberries.

Elevator Pitch Winners, Big Spin

Team members: Victoria Flynn, Lillian Garcia, Colin Kazan,  Robert Rodriguez, Arries Rogers,  Mak Smith, and Jiyun Yao.

Business: Big Spin Co. will provide a new solution to switching truck and wheel setups on skateboards. Big Spin Co.’s product is called ‘The Big Spin Riser.’ This product will use a threading system to give a tool-less solution to changing skateboard set ups. The product will also allow for a fast way to change between the different styles of trucks and wheels which will let the user switch between commuting and trick skating. The company will package and distribute the Big Spin Riser throughout the Southwest using retail shops and skateboarding trade shows.