Business Division’s Fall 2012 Outstanding Students’ Recognition

Posted: Wednesday, December 5th 2012 at 6:04 AM

December 3, 2012 a breakfast was hosted by Dean Craig Van Slyke to recognize the achievements of the Fall 2012 Business Division's Outstanding students. Recipients and a faculty member from their respective major were in attendance:

Missy Hoffman (ACC)/Bob Kilpatrick, professor of accounting
David Gaulden (CIS)/Sury Ravindran, associate professor of CIS
Adam Gilbert (ECO) (not pictured/not in attendance)
Chao Gao (FIN)/Allen Atkins, professor of finance
Sarah Bryan (MGT)/David Albritton, associate professor of management
Max Twietmeyer (MKT)/Roxanne Stell, professor of marketing

We congratulate these students for their achievements during their undergraduate experience.

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