Business Majors Take Advantage of Summer Internships

Posted: Thursday, September 3rd 2015 at 4:56 PM

By MacKenzie Chase, FCB Writer

NAU-The W. A. Franke College of Business (FCB) provides students with a number of opportunities to connect with companies, building a network as they begin their post-graduation career.   Internships are one of those opportunities.

One incentive for participating in a summer internship-for-credit course is a scholarship available to cover tuition. For summer 2015, Rebeca Pieropan and Shayana Galliher were chosen by FCB Dean Craig Van Slyke to receive these funds. 

Pieropan, a senior accounting and economics major, was able to shift into a new position in the finance department at Deckers Outdoor Corporation where she was already employed as a collections specialist.

“My manager spoke highly of me and knew my work ethic would be compatible with the position,” she said.

A typical day in her internship included formatting account data and working with a team to ensure accuracy of that data. She assisted in the development and monitoring of financial and operational controls, and analyzed revenue and cost elements, among other tasks. She was able to apply some of her classroom knowledge in debit, credit, and accounts to her duties, but also learned more about the business through her hands-on role.

“I understand now what needs to be done before any changes can be made systematically or in your position and how the corporate structure works,” she said.

Pieropan’s personal views fit in with the company’s goals and values of hard work and she appreciated the support she received as an intern. 

“If you show that you are a motivated worker, they acknowledge [that] and try to keep those kinds of employees in the business,” she said.

Galliher, a senior finance and marketing major, found an opening for a marketing research intern at Tzotzoma Designs, a Flagstaff clothing company.

“While [the process of applying] felt competitive in some ways, I felt that I had a good chance of getting the internship with my background,” she said.

Her background includes involvement in two programs the FCB offers which prepare students for success, the Business Leadership Program (BLP) and the Professional Recognition Program (PRP). Over three years, the BLP helps students build their leadership skills by emphasizing listening, understanding, and persuading. The PRP incorporates ratings from professors who judge whether students’ behavior is seen as professional. Galliher had these talking points to offer in her application for the internship.

Her duties as an intern included working on various plans for marketing, finance, operations, and social media campaigns by researching other companies’ plans and then reporting her progress back to the company partners, Michael O’Hara and Josh Edwards. 

She had worked on putting together marketing plans for companies before, but she gained knowledge and experience from her time with Tzotzoma.

“With a startup company, there are a ton of small details that they don’t teach you in school,” she said. “...taking the time to do the research was the most valuable thing I learned.”

Edwards and O’Hara were glad to have Galliher contribute her experience.

“She completed our business plan and effectively took charge of our social media campaign,” Edwards said. “The process facilitated discussion of our objectives and forced us to evaluate methods, timing, and feasibility of meeting critical benchmarks on the course to reaching our goals of having a viable clothing and apparel business.”

Both Pieropan and Galliher worked hard to make a good impression on their employers and take away as much experience as possible. They now have new connections to work with as they look for post-graduation jobs within their fields of study.

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