CIS 120: Blended Learning FYLI Success Story

Posted: Monday, April 1st 2013 at 1:14 PM

March 2013’s Provost Report shows the success of CIS 120: Introduction to Computer Information Systems since it became First Year Learning Initiative (FYLI) certified. The course underwent this change in the Fall 2011 semester after results showed that the student success rate was below NAU’s standards for freshman-level classes.

As part of the FYLI program, CIS 120 began incorporating small stakes assignments due in the first two weeks, made attendance mandatory and divided class time between current events, concept review, and group quizzes rather than only having lectures. Beverly Amer, principal lecturer of accounting and CIS, said that these changes helped her find what was already working well in her classes and improve in areas which were not.

Results of the new blended course design prove that the changes are working, with student success rates consistently above 85% now compared to 67-76% before Fall 2011.

Provost's Report PDF HERE.

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