Clark Teaching with the USAC: Alicante, Spain

Posted: Monday, February 22nd 2016 at 9:38 AM

NAU's Center for International Education works with the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) to provide students with quality study abroad programs and has been doing so for over 30 years. In 2012, the USAC representative reached out to FCB business college faculty and Tim Clark, associate professor of management, was intrigued by the program.

Within a year he was planning for a month in India and traveled to Christ University in Bangalore, India in January of 2014 [story HERE]. 

Said Clark, "USAC has a very efficient system – necessary for running nearly 50 international programs on behalf of the several dozen U.S. partner universities. Preparation for my 300-level Business & Society seminar was similar to how it would have been if teaching here, just with the added logistics of traveling to Bangalore for my January 2014 course and then to Alicante, Spain for my January 2016 course."

Clark appreciates USAC handling all of the logistics and finds this winter session workable since teaching in January also provides a getaway of an easy length, returning in time for spring semester courses.

Clark recommends USAC program involvement to both faculty and students, without reservation. For students, he feels it is quite simple and cost effective with a strong support staff here and abroad as well as being assured that they get credit at NAU for the courses taken.

Said Clark, "The main project in my course inspires students to connect with locals who are in similar jobs/firms/industries as what they’re hoping to get into upon graduation. The comparisons they study, retain, and later apply can provide a career’s worth of valuable insights.

"I’m convinced that studying abroad doesn’t just broaden horizons and expose students to cultural experiences, it can provide a terrific differentiator and 'talking point' in interviews and thus boost students’ career trajectories," he concluded.

Next January Clark be teaching in Havana, Cuba, and Puntarenas, Costa Rica is likely in January 2018.

Clark (back, center) with most of his students in front of Alicante’s Castillo de Santa Barbara

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