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Posted: Sunday, January 20th 2013 at 5:43 AM

The deadline to put in an application for the FCB Executive Job Shadow Program has been extended to Friday, January 25th. Find out more HERE.

While thinking about how to get real-world experience within their chosen field of study, many students tend to overlook the un-paid opportunities. As students though, any experience is useful in creating a strong resumé which is what the W.A. Franke College of Business (FCB) aims to provide with their job shadow program.

Students hoping to take advantage of this opportunity still have time to put in their applications with an added bonus—everyone who turns in an application to the FCB Career Development Office (CDO), room 108, by the 25th will get to pick out any schwag item they want.

“We welcome them [applicants] to come into our office and pick out some schwag that we have available,” said Michael Goldman, program coordinator for CDO.

Even without the incentive of a giveaway, the benefits of being a part of this program are worth the effort to apply.

“The students will have the opportunity to shadow a very senior level executive at their office who has typically been in their profession for close to 30 years,” said Goldman.

This first-hand experience within a certain job field can be invaluable to those interested in making their living in a business-oriented career field.

“They’ll get to experience travelling, staying in a hotel, being at the office meeting people in different [organizational] levels and in different branches of the organization they [visit],” Goldman said.  “We certainly hope that they’ll develop a relationship, a mentorship with this executive so as they’re making career choices, their schooling choices, they can ask questions and [exchange] ideas with these executives to help further their careers.”

There are certain requirements students must meet in order to be considered for the program. They must declare a business major; be of sophomore, junior, or senior standing; and have a GPA of 2.75 or greater.

The position will be either during spring break or several days within the week after this spring semester. FCB will cover most of the expenses. Business executives from each major of the FCB usually take part in this program according to Goldman which offers relevant experience to almost any business student.

“Students who want to apply should not miss the opportunity,” he said. “If they do have any questions come down and talk to somebody in CDO; we’d be happy to answer their questions and we’d love the opportunity to review their application and consider if they’re the right fit to represent the college and the university.”

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