Exemplary Grads Recognized with Gold Axe Awards

Posted: Monday, November 26th 2012 at 4:23 AM

November 14, 2012 two of our students received the Gold Axe award out of 19 total students receiving the award for Fall 2012. The gold axe pin is considered the official emblem of the Associated Students of NAU and is presented each semester to recognize students’ outstanding achievements and distinguished service to the university and the greater community. The award is for outstanding academics, service, and campus involvement. Each student also nominates a significant faculty or staff member of influence – someone who has been a mentor and role model to them having the most significant impact on them during their undergraduate career. The students and their outstanding educator are: 

Sariah Faith
Computer Information Systems
Mandy Dang,
Computer Information Systems
Missy Hoffman
Kathe Shinham,

Congratulations to these students and faculty members!

Also at the reception, six students were named as Distinguished Seniors by their college. Hotel and restaurant management/accountancy major, Allison Wiltfong, was chosen by The W.A. Franke College of Business (center of photo).

Outstanding students, among them Allison Wiltfong, HRM/ACC major

From the Gold Axe recipients, President Haeger selects one to three (usually) who most epitomize what it means to be a Lumberjack. The President’s Prize, considered the highest student recognition from the university was awarded to three of the Gold Axe recipients, among them, Missy Hoffman. Learn more about Missy HERE.

Photos by Bianca Gonzalez, Rene Munoz and David Slipher.

NAU's official announcement of the Gold Axe/President's Prize award ceremony & pictures taken at the event can be found HERE.


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