Faculty Recognized as Most Valuable to Members of NAU’s Men’s Basketball Team

Posted: Sunday, March 19th 2017 at 4:56 AM

On March 2, 2017, four faculty members were nominated as Most Valuable Faculty Member by players on the NAU's men’s basketball team at their home game against Idaho:

Shirley Navarro, lecturer of accounting by Omar Ndiaye 

Andrew Parkes, instructor of economics by Brooks DeBisschop

Lance Rohs, lecturer of hotel and restaurant management by Ako Kaluna

Paul Wagner, assistant professor of practice in information systems by Abdoul Aziz Seck

Photo of faculty Shirley Navarro, Andrew Parkes, Lance Rohs, and Paul Wagner

Navarro said of the recognition, "Our student athletes work so hard both in the classroom and in their respective sports. I have so much respect for them, especially my B-ball player, Omar Ndiaye. I am a fan and I truly appreciate this recognition by him."

“Expectations on student-athletes are always high, and I appreciate how hard they work. I am honored to be recognized by Brooks; it was unexpected and very appreciated,” said Parkes.

Rohs shared, "I have to tell you, this may have been a 'small' recognition but it meant the world to me. I was fortunate enough to not only receive the MVF from a Men’s basketball player but I was also chosen by Renee Coggin’s, captain of the women’s basketball team as a MVF as well. I was chosen by Ako Kaluna on the men’s basketball team, and he wrote me a very gracious note thanking me for all of my help in the two classes I have had the pleasure of having him in. He is an extremely conscientious student, balancing the very difficult work load with athletics and frequently comes to see me about his schedule, anything he can do to improve, and quick to ask for help. I consider it an honor to work with these student-athletes, both of which not only work hard in class and on the court, but also represent the University so well. I’m proud of them both!!!"

“Having spent much time with NAU Athletics as an undergraduate, I’m appreciative of how hard student-athletes have to work at both academics and athletics. I’m very pleased to have received this recognition from Aziz,” said Wagner.

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