FCB Business and SHRM Alumni Shine in Arizona Daily Sun’s Best of Flag 2015

Posted: Wednesday, March 2nd 2016 at 12:37 PM

Several alumni and friends of the NAU-The W. A. Franke College of Business and the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management were noted in Flagstaff’s 2015 Best of Flag, run by the Arizona Daily Sun.

And the winners are…..Arizona Daily Sun’s 2015 Best of Flagstaff!

Posted December 22, 2015 1:45 p.m.

Full online article HERE


"This year’s voting was the heaviest ever, with 5,000 voters casting more than 74,000 votes.

"There were so many that we’ve recognized not only first-place winners but second- and third-place finishers, too.

"Also new this year is the winners’ booklet, which was produced as a glossy, full-color magazine and distributed with the Sunday, Dec. 13, Arizona Daily Sun.

"Winners were recognized at a special awards ceremony on Jan. 21 hosted by the Arizona Daily Sun."

Magazine – A word from the Editor, Seth Muller

PAGE 7: "For the 2015 Best of Flagstaff, we made two bold moves. The contest powered by the votes of readers of the Arizona Daily Sun that has remained a tradition for more than 25 years felt ready for a change. And our Advertising Director Colleen Brady brought the ideas. First, we would publish the first place, second place and honorable mention winners in each category. Next, we would create a robust, full-color glossy winner’s edition with more stories, more backgrounds and more exploration of the winners compared to previous years.

"… For the readers and the community at large, Best of Flag serves as a reminder of the quality of business, organizations, attractions and people that have come to populate and enrich our mountain town…"

Online magazine edition HERE


The Oakmont – Best Outdoor Dining & 2nd place in Best New Restaurant

PAGE 11: Rising in the East by the Staff

“Brothers and restaurateurs Jared (’08 BSBA) and Ryan Field, Brian Terpay, and Tim Picante have taken on a big project on the east side – to reinvent the Continental Country Club restaurant to a beloved neighborhood joint… The joint owners also launched other restaurants in Flagstaff – Taverna and Field House Chicken and Waffles. They also recently took over the operations at Busters, a long time Flagstaff establishment, after the original owner retired.”

The Oakmont's website HERE

Post-publication note: The Fields and Terpay now operate The Mayor on South San Francisco St.

Mother Road Brewing Company – Best Brewery & 2nd place in Best Bartending Staff

Michael Marquess (’01 HRM), owner    

PAGE 17 & 18: An Idea Goes Big by Diandra Markgrafa

“…Mother Road Brewing Company is a celebrated and thriving business stable in Flagstaff’s reinvented Southside. This year, the readers of the Arizona Daily Sun have named it 'best Brewery' and honored it with second place for “Best Bartending Staff."

Past SHRM News item HERE

Little America Hotel – Best Hotel Services

Fred W. Reese, Jr. (’91 BGS), general manager and member of the SHRM National Council of Industry Professionals

PAGE 23-25: Little Goes Big by Seth Muller

Little America has sustained its charm by keeping a connection to the past while at the same time looking for ways to keep up modern and quality accommodations people have come to expect during their hotel stays.

"…It’s time to upgrade,” said Little America’s Flagstaff manager Fred Reese. “We want to keep things fresh while also keeping a foot in the past… With our restaurant upgrade, we are going to have the nicest outdoor seating of any restaurant in Flagstaff.

"…One particularly significant boon at Little America has come with its partnership with the North Pole Experience…This year, North Pole Experience is looking to bring 65,000 people.”

GringoDillas Food Truck [web] – Late Night Snack

Michael F. Godina (’08 HRM), owner
PAGE 21: Listing

Friends of SHRM

Historic Brewing & Proper Meats/ Historic Beer Partnership as #1 Best New Restaurant

Paul Moir, owner of Brix, Criollo Latin Kitchen, and Proper Meats + Provisions

PAGE 9-10: Dynamic Duo by the Staff

"It's a partnership of the Historic Road Brewing Company's Barrel and Bottle House and Proper Meats + Provisions... Individually Proper earned the second place award for Best Deli Sandwich and Historic Brewing Company won Honorable mention for Best Brewery – in a town with seven of them."

Past SHRM news item, Entrepreneurship ExploredIf You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen HERE

Satchmo’s received Best Barbecue

Jamie Thousand, owner

PAGE 20: Satchmo's Spices Up the East Side

"...Their barbecue is slow cooked with rubs made from scratch. Thousand describes it as a great fushion of that melting pot that is the South/Midwest –and he's confident in the down-home process."

Past SHRM news item, Entrepreneurship ExploredIf You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Kitchen HERE

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