FCB Business Graduates Sought by Top Recruiters

Posted: Tuesday, March 29th 2016 at 6:23 PM

NAU-The W. A. Franke College of Business ranks high on the list for major players in business when they look for next-year’s employees. For the Spring 2016 Career Exploration Day, 85 recruiters came to seeking their next employees and for some companies, FCB’s graduates are their top pick.

According to Dr. Ron Smith, director for the FCB’s Career Development Office (CDO), the FCB is #1 for Goodyear ahead of Texas Tech at #2. Starting salaries are $60K with a $5K sign-on bonus.

“With this year’s crop, NAU actually will lead all schools for graduates that we hire into our Commercial Development Sales Program,” said Mark Totten, vice president of Sales & Marketing for Goodyear.

The FCB is #5 in the country for General Motors for 2015-2016 top colleges list for accepted and extended offers. We followed Georgia Southern, Univ. of Indiana, ASU, and U of A. The starting salaries vary based on the major.

Other top employers with placed NAU graduates include Vanguard, Enterprise Holdings, and Discover.

The statistics are drawn from the senior exit survey carried out by the CDO. The numbers for the spring 2015 surveys were culled from a 96% respondent pool to reveal an 86% placement rate* for our graduates. [Story HERE][Link to full infographic from image, to the right or HERE.]

“Employers are always asking me, ‘What can we do?’ Hiring our grads is certainly tops on our list,” said Smith.


* This number is based on our "Satisfactorily Engaged" percent of students who are in a full time job, internship, joined military service, or elected to attend graduate school.

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