FCB Etiquette Dinner

Posted: Friday, April 27th 2018 at 10:06 AM

On April 24, 2018 FCB held a formal etiquette dinner for the students. The dinner was a four course meal, giving the students a chance to learn how to dine in a formal restaurant setting.

HRM Professor, Julene Boger led the event, guiding attendees through each course and explaining the proper ways to set a table, eat, hold a knife, fork, and many other etiquette techniques that, Dean Goebel said, “are not skills you are born with and that’s why we are here to learn them.”

The dinner had an air of comfort for the students as they were able to learn life skills in a safe environment without the fear of making a mistake while dining with a potential employer or employer.  In addition, while dining with other students, faculty, and staff, students had the opportunity to make connections.  A few students who were in attendance spoke about the benefits of attending the etiquette dinner. 

Isadora Mock a Business Management student, shared, “I did learn a lot about etiquette that I had no idea existed.”

Peer Chancy Simon spoke of what advice would remain with her, “I’m going to research the menu beforehand.” When asked if she enjoyed the event Simon said, “Yes, definitely I’ll take knowledge from anyone who knows what they are talking about.” 

These types of out of the classroom events are instrumental to the development of the students and was made possible by the support of Vanguard who sponsored the event.