FCB Scholarship Breakfast

Posted: Friday, May 4th 2018 at 1:25 PM

On April 27, 2018, FCB hosted a scholarship breakfast at the High Country Conference Center to honor donors and recognize students who received a scholarship. The breakfast offered a chance for students to meet their donors and connect with their fellow students.

The breakfast recognized 250 students who received more than $565,000 in scholarships.

President Rita Cheng also spoke at the ceremony saying, “Looking around the room I can see that there are many, life changing connections that are being made, and donors I just want to thank you for giving to a purpose without knowing who you’re giving it to at any particular time. And today when we make these connections that we see the generosity of our donors and the contribution it makes to the success of our students.”

These scholarships were giving to hard-working students to help them continue to grow and be successful as they continue their educational pursuits here at NAU.

Karen Botello a scholarship recipient said, “The scholarship helps a lot financially being a first-generation student. Being here is all based on scholarships, I wouldn’t be able to pay out of pocket.”

Elliott Cooley a veteran student, who received three scholarships talked about the help he has received from more than just his scholarships. Cooley said, “Being a first-generation student it’s a new experience because you can’t follow your parents lead and advice. Advisors, professors and also other students, have really supported me.”

Giulia Paulet a third time scholarship recipient shared, “Without it I would not been able to live on campus, buy books. It’s honestly the essence of the whole degree, so I’m very thankful.”

These students and many more in attendance have been given the opportunity to grow without financial worries because of the generosity of the donors who support them and their education.