FCB Seniors Recognized with Top Honors at the NAU Gold Axe Awards

Posted: Tuesday, April 22nd 2014 at 2:50 PM

Excerpt from NAUnews April 16, 2014 HERE

Graduating seniors enjoyed a golden moment April 15, 2014 during the Gold Axe Awards reception at the High Country Conference Center where they were recognized for their contributions to Northern Arizona University.

Six of the forty-two students who received the university’s coveted Gold Axe Award for their achievements were from the FCB Business Division and School of Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Business student, Arve Hammeren (FIN and ACC) (left), was named the Distinguished Senior by the FCB. 

One of the winners—Chyna Gade (MKT) (see below)also received the prestigious President’s Prize for her exemplary leadership, academic excellence and service to the NAU community.

Here are the FCB winners of this semester’s Gold Axe awards, along with the NAU faculty or staff member the students named as having the most significant impact on them during their undergraduate career. View a photo album from the event online.

Roxane Maye Abitong
Margaret Dunfee, Bus Div

Paxton DeBolt
Miriam Cox,
Housing and Residence Life

Nikki DuPuy
James Morgan,
Bus Div

Chyna Gade
Business Marketing
Matthew Haertzen,
Bus Div

Brittany Moles
Tracie Hansen,
Office of Public Affairs

Melissa Watts
Frances Hill, HRM


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