FCB Students Meet Warren Buffett

Posted: Thursday, May 3rd 2018 at 2:53 PM

From February 22nd through 24th, NAU was one of ten colleges from throughout the United States chosen to send students to Omaha, Nebraska, to represent their colleges and meet Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Mr. Buffet is one of the most respected business persons in the world. NAU FCB was honored to have its students included in this exclusive question and answer event.  

During a question and answer session with Mr. Buffet, every college was allowed to ask Mr. Buffett two questions.

NAU MBA student, Sarah Haffly, chose to attend NAU specifically because NAU is included in the Warren Buffet trip, whom she has always admired for the humble way he leads his businesses.  She explained that it was powerful to be in the room when Mr. Buffet spoke and that shaking his hand was an experience she will never forget. Haffly’s favorite quote and piece of advice she received from Mr. Buffett was to “hold yourself to high but not impossible standards.”  She stated that she is excited about sharing her experiences with other students.

The students were surprised with how open Mr. Buffett was with them. He took the time to sit down and talk with the next generation of business professionals and in talking with them Mr. Buffett was honest in his advice.

Briana Rodriguez will remember in particular this piece of advice for many years:  “Treasure the people who bring out the best in you.”

Lexi Adams shared, “My biggest takeaway from him was that anyone can be successful, you just need to be a person people want to be around. It reminded me that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.”

Kyle Hamilton said, “what stuck with me most was when he said “Aside from illness, almost any bad thing will work out in the long run; Attitude is huge in life.”

The students also had the opportunity to meet and have dinner with the man who made meeting Warren Buffet possible; NAU FCB alum, Scott Coor.  

On the final morning of the trip, the students toured Nebraska Furniture Mart  where Scott Coor made a connection with Mr. Buffett years ago.  The students also toured Borsheims, a jewelry store owned by Mr. Buffet.  It is one of the world’s largest jewelry stores.

The students finished the trip with a tour of Oriental Trading, also owned by Mr. Buffett.

“The three day trip was a great chance for the students to bond, while getting an experience that only 1% of the nation gets,” Haffly shared.

We are proud of our students for doing a marvelous job of representing NAU and the Franke College of Business.

To whom we owe gratitude

Scott Coor (’76 MKT), Trendwood Inc., utilized his connection with Mr. Buffett through his furniture company for FCB students to be considered for their first invitation in Fall 2006. The students impressed Mr. Buffett with their appreciation of his Life Lessons beyond the financial arena. This has kept them in consideration since. Mr. Coor has continued to make known to Mr. Buffett how appreciative the students have been and to keep them on the radar for the next opportunity. Thank you, Scott.