FCB Students Place Third at First Time APICS Competition

Posted: Monday, March 6th 2017 at 10:08 AM

A team of FCB students, Chris Dotzler, Daemon Dunbar, Irving Sanchez and Yang Xiang along with faculty advisor, Chris Scherpereel, professor of management, had a successful weekend at the APICS Student Case Competition in California. The case was a computer simulation game called “The Fresh Connection.” There were multiple rounds played by each team followed by oral presentations, delivered to judges on Friday evening.

This weekend-long competition concluded on February 17, 2017 with a third place undergraduate win for this energetic team of students.

To prepare, they reviewed subjects learned in class, conducted practice rounds, and made spreadsheets that would calculate their numbers for the competition.

Collectively, they practiced for 10+ hours a week leading up to the competition while also fitting in their midterm studies.

Overall, the group felt they did very well in their first competition, despite being less experienced in the topic. A large majority of the schools competing had supply chain management degrees and offered courses that thoroughly covered the topics presented at the competition.

“Our strength was in the first rounds,” explained Sanchez. “As we went on... we had troubles because we didn’t know much about the subject.”

Despite this disadvantage, they were able to see their mistakes and make adjustments because they kept asking questions to learn what needed to be changed. Additionally, the team's efforts brought out their individual strengths.

“We each have our own strengths and to bring those together was really good,” said Dunbar.

When asked about how they were able to be a successful team, the team agreed that the chemistry built amongst the members was the largest factor.

“I think it was the team chemistry that made it go so well,” explained Dotzler. “Because we worked together so well, we blew other teams out-of-the-water.”

Xiang concluded, “We worked very hard, and that brought us to the level many students could not reach.”

Each student had a unique and memorable experience at the competition and highlighted their favorite part.

“My favorite part was making the presentation. It wasn’t boring or stressful; it was a blast!” exclaimed Dotzler.

Dunbar continued, “I think [the best part] was working with these guys, because we’ve become really good friends and it’s been a fun adventure.”

“I liked the presentation because English is my second language, but I still made the whole conference laugh,” shared Xiang. “I don’t think they were laughing at me… they were laughing with me.”

All four members of the team are hoping to return next year and compete again at APICS. Several schools brought multiple teams to the competition, and this team has plans to do the same for 2018.

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