FCB Video Episodes 5 and 6 released for The Right Impression

Posted: Friday, September 27th 2013 at 12:18 AM

In an ongoing effort to help students succeed in their interviews with potential employers, Ron Smith, director of the Career Development Office (CDO), has released four more episodes in the "homegrown" video series, The Right Impression: a series on successful interviewing do's & don't's.

Episode 5(a-c) provides three examples of how to use the STAR Technique in an interview. STAR stands for:

  • Situation – Describe the situation that you were confronted with. Be concise and informative.
  • Task – Explain the task you had to complete highlighting the challenges.
  • Action –Highlight your skills and attributes that you demonstrated. (This is the most important aspect.)
  • Result – Close with the result of your efforts and what you learned from the experience.

The videos were created in a style that presents straightforward responses using this technique.

Episode 6 provides two examples of responses to Commmonly Asked Non-Behavioral Questions.

Special thanks to students Kady Eglseder and Anthony Pasiecki, and our interviewer extraordinaire, Ms. Bernadine Lewis, coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, for their participation in these videos.

There are many ways to deliver these messages. Different students respond to different medium. The hope is to reach out to our students with these resources so that they are better prepared for their interviews and their career ahead. The CDO strives to be the Bridge to Their Future.

Visit the CDO's Resources page HERE.

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