Follow Up on the Executive Job Shadow Program

Posted: Monday, March 25th 2013 at 4:17 PM

Some of the students who were chosen for the Career Development Office’s job shadow program for Spring 2013 have already gotten the chance to see what it’s like to work in the career field of their assigned executive.

Nine out of the 17 students picked to be a part of the program shadowed a business executive for a few days over spring break, taking home valuable career experiences afterwards. The rest of the students will take part in their visit at the end of the spring semester in May.

Kiara Weathersby shadowed John Bridger ('74 MGT), executive director of the Phoenix Thunderbirds and was able to take a lot away from the experience.

"The skills and knowledge acquired in your courses at FCB especially ACC 255, 256, ECO 201, 284, & 285, are pertinent in the business atmosphere," she said. "While sitting in on the board meetings, I was proud of my understanding about the items on the agenda which included general ledgers, trial balances, budgets, payables, receivables, economies of scale, sales trends and projections for the year upcoming. I am thankful for my professors who taught me those instrumental tools used while participating in the Executive Job Shadow Program."

To share what they learned during this opportunity, students will be working on either blog entries, a video diary, PowerPoint presentation, or some other informative project describing their experiences. Their feedback is important in making sure the program is kept running successfully so they will be filling out an evaluation form about their take-away from the executives as well as how their travel went.

The executive will be providing their feedback of the program, too, ensuring that it continues to be a success.

Students can begin turning in applications for the next executive job shadow beginning in the fall 2013 semester.

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