Future Businesswomen of America Look to Inspire While Being Inspired

Posted: Tuesday, November 28th 2017 at 3:15 PM

The Future Businesswomen of America (FBWA) are coming on full force with new ideas to inspire the working women of the country. This new club features 25-30 women in its first year that are dedicated to their own success while encouraging each other to push for their dreams.

Kaila Kawelo, president of FBWA and junior business management major, said she wanted to elevate her own academic achievement. She wants to be inspired by other like-minded individuals while working in a team environment where women can pursue professional excellence and encourage one another along the road.

“I wanted to start a club where I could be inspired and inspire others myself,” shared Kawelo.

FBWA have several ideas they want to put in action in Spring 2018. This includes hosting a business card design event for the students of FCB to help others elevate their professionalism and learn the importance of having a business card before entering the working world.

Kawelo also said the club is aiming to have a charitable factor where they give back to NAU and the Flagstaff community. One option is working with the local women’s shelter, assisting with resumé building and professional skills to help others gain confidence as working women.

The hope for a club-funded scholarship is on the horizon. “When you are pursuing your education and your career goals, the last thing you want to worry about are finances,” said Kawelo. The scholarship is to be awarded to a young businesswoman in FCB who embodies the values and foundation of the FBWA organization.

Kawelo and her team know the ambition and drive to achieve their goals is best done with the encouragement of their friends surrounding them and in return, their actions will inspire others. This aligns perfectly with FBWA's organizational goals.

Learn more about the Future Businesswomen of America HERE.

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