Global Spotlight: Paul Wiener

Posted: Sunday, November 9th 2014 at 11:22 AM

Paul Wiener, associate professor and director of the International Programs & Summer Studies in Europe Program at SHRM, has spent over eighteen years of his life living and working abroad. A United States/United Kingdom dual national, he was born in England, and spent many years living in both Germany and Austria. His international experience includes working as both a restaurant manager and an assistant controller for the Rio Sheraton in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Wiener also worked as the food and beverage director for the Aberdeen Sheraton in Aberdeen, Scotland, and as a hospitality and tourism consultant at a firm in London, which covered such areas as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Wiener has worked for almost twenty-three years at SHRM, and over the course of that time has taught a number of different courses, most recently accounting and finance. Other duties include meeting with international partners to coordinate curricula with their universities for the Summer Study Abroad program so that credits are more readily transferred as well as marketing the program to SHRM students. Wiener accompanies the SHRM students on the trip, which is held every other year. The next program will run in the summer of 2016. On these trips, students travel to the Netherlands and Switzerland and are taught by Wiener, International colleagues, and guest speakers. The students have ample opportunity to go on European excursions and related hospitality site visits.

Wiener has also participated in another program for about eleven years where he teaches a seminar in the Netherlands. He left for this program on the morning of Thursday, October 30,  2014. While there, he plans to visit a partner school in Germany as well as two SHRM students currently studying in the Netherlands.

Wiener believes that his experience gives him an edge when interacting with international students and faculty, and allows him to bring an interesting and new perspective to the classroom that others may not be able to bring. His students over the years certainly agree with that assessment.

This article is part of a series on FCB Business Division and SHRM faculty to highlight the international experience within the college and to promote our globalization initiatives, including the launch of the Global Business Program (GBP). Information on this program can be found HERE.

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