Gold Axe Award Recipient Missy Hoffman

Posted: Thursday, November 29th 2012 at 1:59 PM

November 14, 2012, Missy Hoffman was one of the select group of students who received recognition by obtaining the NAU Golden Axe Award and one of three who received the President's Prize for her leadership, academic excellence, and over all achievements as an extraordinary student. See story HERE.

Missy originally came to NAU to follow her band, “Decibels of Doom,” with the hope of pursuing a musical career with them. Once at NAU, her band fell apart and Missy found herself left with the challenges of finding and improving herself outside of music. She became extremely fond of her principles-level accounting courses and eventually changed her major to accounting.

After speaking with the president of Beta-Alpha Psi, an international business organization for honors accounting, finance, and computer information system, she found herself elected as their president. Missy completely immersed herself into her major and decided to positively change a few things within the organization. She provided meaning and value for each individual member in this professional business leadership position. When her term of presidency came to an end, over 90% of graduating members had job offers.

Still wanting to keep her involvement within the NAU community student life, Missy became a senator for ASNAU where she was able to directly serve the NAU student body.

Going into her senior year (2012-2013), Missy helped create the FCB Student Organization Committee (FCB SOC). This committee is to provide community engagement among the FCB students and encourages students to collaborate with each other in order to increase success.

Throughout her tenure at NAU, Missy went through an impressive transformation that has led not only to her success but also to a high level of respect from those around her. She is well deserving of the awards she has achieved and says that she will be forever thankful for the wonderful experiences and future opportunities NAU has been able to provide her.

Congratulations, Missy!

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