Hostetter Announces His Third FCB Publication

Posted: Saturday, September 16th 2017 at 12:01 PM

Len Hostetter, assistant professor of practice in marketing, announced his case study, Wil’s Grill, an article about small business and entrepreneurial management, has been approved for publication in the North American Case Research Association (NACRA) Case Research Journal for Fall 2017.

Hostetter, who also collaborated with Nita Paden (bio), professor of marketing and area coordinator, on the piece, has been working on this case study for the past year.

The case was initially 24 pages long when Hostetter presented at the 2016 NACRA Annual Conference in Las Vegas. He was then approached and asked to consolidate his study to a total of six pages plus the instructor’s manual, to be submitted for the special, short case edition of the NACRA Case Research Journal.

The Wil's Grill story branched from work Hostetter's marketing research class was doing for John Christ, NAU student and owner of Wil's Grill in Flagstaff. He worked with Christ to understand the company and its story, and continued to build upon the marketing research to co-author the case study that will be published in October 2017.

Hostetter is beginning his third year at FCB and has two prior publications since his work began at NAU.

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