Indigo Partners Interns: Update 2015

Posted: Wednesday, May 27th 2015 at 12:32 PM

Indigo Partners LLC is a private equity firm that specializes in investments made in the air transportation industry. Being an Indigo Partners, LLC intern has a broad impact on the future of our students who've been fortunate enough to be chosen. The internship is designed to provide recent graduates with real world experience to help propel them into a top-tier MBA program.

Connor WienbergConnor Wienberg ('14 ECO/FIN), Indigo Partners analyst for 2014–2015, shared the news with former professor, Eric Yordy in mid-May 2015 of his acceptance into his hoped-for MBA program, Cornell University.

The average work experience for applicants to top-tier MBA programs is 5 years, so having only one year could have been a barrier to Connor’s admission. But his high-level involvement with private equity, an area of finance not usually experienced until after receiving an MBA, gives interns like Connor an edge.

"To find an opportunity like this, you have to take full advantage of it," Wienberg says.

His advice for upcoming graduates? "GPAs count, especially when coming from a public university, so care about your classes and your GPA. The same goes for the GMAT – really commit to it. They are the first numbers they can screen against," says Wienberg.

Of Mr. Franke, Wienberg offers, "He always encourages us to put out the best work that we can... He's a fountain of knowledge... He's a great guy."

Ryan GravettRyan Gravett ('13 ACC/FIN) is completing a two-year engagement as an Indigo Partners analyst (backstories on Gravett HERE). When he began his internship, it was in the midst of the Frontier Airlines acquisition by Indigo Partners. Gravett described it as a "sink or swim" environment in which he had to learn on the go.

Gravett cites the small class sizes at the FCB and the Student Management Investment Fund class he took as best preparing him for the Indigo Partners environment. "It's a class where you're expected to portray your views and come up with your own recommendations and that's something we do here on a daily basis," he said.

Gravett feels the team at Indigo Partners does a good job in helping the analysts become critical thinkers while improving their writing and financial modeling skills that he knows will translate well in graduate school and beyond.

As he looks to his post-Indigo MBA, he is deciding between Vanderbilt University and Emory University. In his graduate school applications, he emphasized the quality of his experiences, not the quantity. His work with senior management teams at billion-dollar managment companies and hands-on experience with 80+ investment opportunities on six different continents all gave him his edge.

Of Mr. Franke, Gravett says he is "a tremendous leader and he knows how to get the most out of everyone he works with."

A Rigorous Selection Process

Each year, Bill Franke asks professors in The W. A. Franke College of Business to introduce the internship to the college’s best business students. After the professors determine the best candidates for the internship, those names are passed onto the dean’s office. After an interview with the dean and associate dean, the remaining candidates are interviewed by executives at Indigo Partners. A case study is then required to make the final decision and the top two candidates are selected. Caitlin Cerra (ECO/German/minor in Math) and Aubrie Perea (ECO/FIN) are the next graduates chosen as the 2015–2016 Indigo Partners analysts.

From the Interns Themselves

This video playlist offers interviews with Wienberg and Gravett as they near the end of their internship as well as interviews with the 2015–2016 interns, Cerra and Perea.

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