Indigo Partners, LLC FCB Interns for 2017–2018

Posted: Friday, June 2nd 2017 at 4:28 AM

Graduating seniors, Zach Switala (ACC/FIN) and Lauren Gerber-Manning (FIN, minor in Philosophy and certificates in investment and International business), were extended offers to join the Indigo Partners team as Indigo interns for 2017–2018. 

Indigo Partners, one of Bill Franke’s companies, hires one or two graduating seniors each year as interns. They seek students who possess solid communication skills, knowledge of financial modeling, good critical thinking skills and familiarity with economics, accounting, finance and market research. The interns must also have firm plans to attend graduate school, ideally right after the year’s internship. The internship is based in Phoenix, but with fairly significant travel involved.

Associate Dean Kevin Trainor made the announcement, stating "This is a very competitive position and placing two of our students is something we should all be very proud of. One of the directors at Indigo mentioned that this was one of the strongest pools of candidates that they’ve seen in a long time, if ever!"

Switala, a Flagstaff native, worked full-time through college to help pay for his education. As a server at a local restaurant, he overheard a conversation that changed his life. He expressed his interest in finance to a guest who turned out to be good friends with Dave Franke, Bill's son. After an email introduction and a recommendation from his finance professor, Dr. Wade Rousse, Switala entered the competitive process for the internship.

With his full time work, Switala lacked outside of the classroom involvement in finance clubs, etc., but he made up for that with his passion for the industry, taking every effort to learn along the way.

"I read all the investment books I could, reached out to anyone on LinkedIn, family members, just networked as much as possible to learn as much as I could about the industry," he recalled which included that life-changing guest at his restaurant.

Gerber-Manning, originally from South Africa, moved to the States when she was 17 to finish her college education. Her mentor, Professor Matt Haertzen, set her on her path for the competitive process to become an Indigo Intern. In junior year, Haertzen invited her to take part in the Global Investment Research Challenge, a year long preparation in itself. Gerber-Manning thought no at first, as she saw herself heading for law school, but Haertzen convinced her that the process would help her acquire analytical skills that could help in law school. She realized she enjoyed it, and began to see herself as an analyst. Haertzen then recommended her for the Indigo Intern position, "everything you want in one."

This year's selection process was longer than usual with six rounds over three months with a total pool of 10 candidates this year. For the first time, three were chosen, two from the FCB and one from Montana.

"I was so happy when I finally got that last email saying it went through," said Switala.

"The most important thing I can stress is do it for yourself... don't be afraid to venture out into different avenues to see what might be beneficial in the long run," offered Gerber-Manning.

"I don't expect to have a life for the next year, but I'm happy about that, and I feel that this is absolutely going to shape my future and get me where I want to be," she concluded.

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